Five services will make your room a safe, secure and truly comfortable space.

“Haneda Airport”, the gateway to Japan’s sky. We carry out on-air cleaning of an average of 250 flights per day for domestic and international flights here. For large domestic flights, the stay time between arrival and departure is approximately 50 minutes. Excluding the time required for passengers to get on and off, the actual work time is 15 to 20 minutes.

Our staff will provide you with a comfortable travel space by performing your work quickly and carefully within this limited time.

Introducing our five services to make the cabin a safe, secure and truly comfortable space.

Aircraft cleaning

We do our utmost to make our customers feel warm.

  • Belt cross

    Belt cross - image

    Check each seat for dirt, clean if necessary, and set seat belts correctly according to airline rules.

  • Table / monitor check

    Table / monitor check - image

    Check the seat table and monitor for dirt. Pull out the table and wipe it with a damp cloth.

  • Seat setting

    Seat setting - image

    Clean the inside of your seat pockets and check for lost or suspicious items.
    In addition, we will check items in your seat pocket, such as in-flight magazines and safety bookmarks, and will replace and replenish them as necessary.

  • Window check

    Window check - image

    To help our customers enjoy the view from the sky, we will carefully clean and wipe the dirt on the windows. The windows are easily damaged, so do not use too much force and gently and gently wipe them off.

  • Floor check

    Floor check - image

    For the aisles and the floor below the seats, remove large debris by hand, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove small debris. At that time, make sure that there are no leftover items or suspicious items.

  • Final inspection

    Final inspection - image

    In addition to around the seats, we collect and organize garbage in the toilet, galley, and cockpit, replace and replenish equipment, and make the entire cabin clean and safe.

Aircraft water treatment

Smooth and reliable work keeps the aircraft safe, secure and clean.

Aircraft water treatment - image #1

During parking from one aircraft landing to the next takeoff, water supply and drainage of water used in the aircraft and sewage treatment work will be carried out.
After the aircraft arrives, a dedicated vehicle will be attached to the aircraft, water will be supplied up to the specified amount specified for each aircraft, and conversely, all water that has been supplied will be drained.

Also, drain all dirty water in the aircraft and wash the tank after completion. We pay close attention to the operation of the equipment, and promptly check it for any abnormalities.

After finishing the work, securely close the panel of the airplane and remove the special vehicle.

Aircraft water treatment - image #2
Aircraft water treatment - image #3
Aircraft water treatment - image #4
Aircraft water treatment - image #5

Control tower

24-hour work management that smoothly carries out all operations.

Control tower - image #1

The key to the smooth execution of aircraft cleaning, water supply and drainage, and sewage treatment is the control tower (controller). 24 hours a day to get all the information such as when and what aircraft will land and how many minutes until the next takeoff, staff will be assigned so that the aircraft can depart on time for the next destination, and control instructions will be given. to hold.

In addition, if you find something you have left behind on the aircraft, we will promptly contact the relevant departments so that we can return it to you as soon as possible.

Control tower - image #2

Aircraft maintenance assistance

Refresh the inside of the aircraft according to regular maintenance.

Aircraft maintenance assistance - image

Aircraft will undergo regular maintenance at the airport hanger.
At that time, along with inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment, cleaning of the interior and exterior is carried out by the maintenance department, but we are also assisting in this work.

This will be done at the request of the maintenance department. In the guest room, all carpets on the floor will be peeled off, cleaned and re-installed. Since this is a large-scale work to be carried out in cooperation with the maintenance department of the airline company, a qualified and experienced staff will be in charge.

Business development

Various operations that enable smooth operations in a special environment inside the airport.

Business development - image #1

When working at the airport, all staff members need a ramp pass (entrance certificate at the airport). In order to carry out the work smoothly, the management and application work is important. In addition, the department that also performs tasks related to personnel, recruitment, and labor.

Foreign nationals are also responsible like Japanese, and have a wealth of know-how to work in teamwork regardless of nationality.

Business development - image #2
Business development - image #3